DATOSPIR PEAK-10 Expiratory Flow Meter

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Peak flow meter - 60-800 l/min - adult

Regular use of a Peak flow meter can help keep tabs on your asthma by detecting airway narrowing even before you feel any symptoms, giving you time to adjust your medication before your symptoms get worse. Suitable for adults.

Main features:

- measure day-to-day changes in your breathing

- track the control of your asthma over time

- show how well your treatment is working

- recognize signs of a flare-up before symptoms appear

- know what steps to take when you have signs of an asthma flare-up

- decide when to call your doctor or get emergency care

Green area: (normal) PEF >80%

Yellow area: (warning) PEF =60%, <80%

Red area: (danger) PEF <60%

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