Profiler Wheelchair

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Customizable Contour Back & Seating System for Children & Teens

Convaid’s newest innovation makes custom-molded seating a thing of the past. One look at the patented Cat’s Cradle custom-contouring support straps, and you’ll appreciate its unique customizing capabilities. With this ingenious system, each strap supporting the child’s back and shoulders can be customized for his or her specific needs. Painful pressure points are easily addressed, and there’s no need for an awkward, costly mold. In seconds, this special wheelchair can be readjusted for growth - all it takes is a pull of the adjustable straps and your child is suspended in personalized comfort. And when it’s time to go, the Profiler folds compactly for easy transport.

The proper Seat Width measurement is determined by measuring the widest point across the hips when sitting comfortably, and adding about 1 to 2 inches for comfort and growth.
Cat's Cradle Concept

The Profiler's revolutionary patented seating system is named after the children's string game. "Cat's Cradle" because of it's similarity to the game. The chair's frame creates a structure around which a system of lateral straps is wound. The straps can be custom contoured to accommodate almost any configuration. Advantages of this product are customized positioning, quick and easy adjustability, hand access at rear of chair and freedom from costly/bulky molds.

Adjustable Strap Back System

The Profiler's back support straps individually adjust to provide a custom fit. Because each strap is adjustable, the resulting support accommodates almost any conceivable contour requirement. Straps are covered with a padded seat cover for your child's comfort.

Profiler Wheelchair Specs:
Seat Width: 14, 16 Maximum Seat Width w/Hip Guides (Inches): 12, 14 Maximum Strap Contour Depth (Inches): 7 Seat Back Height (Inches): 21, 23 Seat to Floor (Inches - Based on Seat Depth): 26 Shoulder Strap Height (From seat to eyelets in Inches): 13-19, 15-21 Armrest Height Adjustment (Inches): 5-8, 6-9 Tilt (In Degrees from Vertical): 30 Wheel Size - Front & Back (Inches): 8 x 8, 8 x 11 Weight of Chair (With Seat in lbs): 51, 55 Weight of Footplates (Add in lbs): 3 Front Wheel Size (Inches): 8 Back Wheel Size (Inches): 8, 11 Overall Width (Inches): 25, 29 Overall Height (Inches): 38, 41.5 Overall Length (Inches): 47, 51 Folded Dimensions (LxWxH in Inches): 48 x 17 x 7, 53 x 20 x 16 Weight Capacity (lbs): 100, 170 Foldable: Yes Frame Warranty: Lifetime

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