Quickie® 2 Wheelchair

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The Quickie 2 with swing-away front frame is one of the most dependable wheelchairs on the market with a modular design enabling users to upgrade their wheelchair at little cost. The Quickie 2HP (fixed front frame version) is now discontinued as of 1/7/2010.

 Optional F16 Kit Power Add On Offers the option to mount the Sunrise F16 power add on pack, meaning the chair can easily be converted from a manual to power chair as & when required.

One-arm drive One-arm drive unit can be mounted on the chair's right or left side. Easily folded and adds less than 5 lbs weight.

Modular frame construction. Interchangeable frame components allow you to grow and change the chairs width and depth.

 Custom frame construction. Maximum option choices allow chair to be built to the individuals specifications.

Folding 'lockout' crossbrace. Crossbrace locks to limit flex in the frame for more efficient propelling and a rigid ride.

Rounded rear frame and contoured axle plate option. Allows for 1/8' lower floor to seat height. Gives user choice of rear frame style.

Adjustable back height. Provides for optimal positioning of backrest for stability and scapular movement.

Multiple armrest options. Allows the ability to customize for optimal user support, positioning, and transfer needs.

Quick release axle. Quick removal of rear wheels for portability.

Adjustable axle plate. Adjustments provide improved stability and propulsion of the chair.

Multiple wheel options. Variety of tyre, rim and hubs to match functional needs of user. Choices range from no maintenance to high performance

 Multiple castor options. Variety of castor sizes to meet functional needs of user. Choices range from small easy to turn castors to more stable larger castors.

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