Vivo Wheelchair

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Children's Lightest Wheelchair with Adjustable Seat Back

The Convaid Vivo Wheelchair is a great economical back-up chair! The ultra lightweight Vivo weighs only 14-pounds, making it one of the lightest children's wheelchairs on the market, perfect for outings to school, day programs, or doctor visits. This ultra lightweight wheelchair for teenagers and children is compact folding and easily stows in the trunk of your car. In addition, it comes with a growable seat depth, seat back angle adjustment, adjustable strap back for added positioning and height adjustable swing away footplates.

The proper Seat Width measurement is decided by taking the widest point across between the hips and the knees when sitting comfortably and adding about 1 to 2 inches for your child's comfort and growth.
Vivo Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Specs: Seat Width: 12, 14 Seat Depth (Inches): 8 - 10 (short) 10 - 12 (long), 11.5-14.5 (short) 12 - 14 (long) Seat Back Height (Inches): 21.5, 26 Seat to Footrest (Min/Max Inches): 8 - 11, 10 - 14 Seat to Floor (Inches - Based on Seat Depth): 18, 20 Seat to Back Angle (Degrees): 95-120 Tilt (In Degrees from Vertical): 10 Headrest Extension (Inches): 5, 6 Shoulder Strap Height (From seat to eyelets in Inches): 13-21, 12-25.5 Weight of Chair Standard Model (W/O Front Rigging in lbs): 14.5, 17 Overall Width (Inches): 20, 21.5 Overall Height (Inches): 36.5, 41 Overall Length (Inches): 31.5, 39 Folded Dimensions (LxWxH in Inches): 38 x 14.5 x17, 46.5 x 11.5 x 17.5 Weight Capacity (lbs): 44, 88 Foldable: Yes Frame Warranty: 5-Year

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