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A compact, 12-channel ECG device to perform resting ECG examinations. An excellent choice for all users who

appreciate comfort of operation as well as proven and reliable solutions.

Technical specifications

12 standard leads according to Einthoven, Goldberg, Wilson and Cabrer

presentation of 3/6/12 leads on a screen

memory of last auto examination

print on the paper with the width of 112 mm

membrane alphanumeric keyboard with functional keys

graphical menu displayed on a screen (240x128) for easy operation using keyboard

battery capacity: 150 automatic examinations

continuous HR measurement presented on a screen

device adapted to direct operation on an open heart

mains disturbance filter (50 Hz, 60 Hz)

muscular disturbances filter (25 Hz, 35 Hz, 45 Hz)

contour line filter (0,15 Hz, 0,45 Hz, 0,75 Hz, 1,5 Hz)

INOP signalisation independent for each electrode

detection of heart pacemaker peaks

acoustic signalling of detected beats

signalisation of accumulator voltage reduction

signalisation of accumulator charging

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