Electrical bed with adjustable height and 4-sector side-rails with integrated controls

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Electrical bed with adjustable height and 4-sector side-rails with integrated controls - Video - Click here

L 222 / P 102 / H 42 - 83,5 cm

GIVAS presents VEGA, a revolutionary concept of electric bed, born from the synergy between our R&D Dept. and medical and nursing teams.

This partnership gave birth to a Technologic, Intuitive, Ergonomic and Efficient product that makes everyday assistance and sanitizing operations easier, thus increasing the patient's comfort and independence.

The containment sides of the Vega bed guarantee the patient's maximum protection for the entire lenght of the bed, as they minimize the risk of trapping limbs. (according to standard CEI EN 60601-2-52).

They are made of polypropylene, rotary printed and dyed in

the mass, highly resistant even under high stress conditions.

The ergonomic design of the handle allows the patient to move autonomously, thus avoiding excessive exertion for the healthcare operator while facilitating the patient's physical and psychological rehabilitation.

The containment area has a clean and modern design: head and foot boards curving inwards, 4-sector side-rails and non-toxic materials make the VEGA bed ideal also for pediatric use.

The VEGA bed is meant for accommodating children of different ages with their different sizes accordingly. Givas reckons that extendable pediatric beds cannot guarantee the necessary safety and comforts for patients as big as grown-ups. The VEGA bed is therefore designed for children at least 90 cm tall, thanks to special compensation cushions which reduce the lying surface, as shown below.

Night hours are the most delicate time of the day for healthcare operators as they must ensure total safety for the patients.

Wrong height and section incline adjustments are the main causes for accidental falling of patients when getting out of the bed.

Vega changes all of that: just one look is enough to know if the bed is in the safest night position.

In SAFE MODE a GREEN LED light placed under the bed casts a light beam on the floor that lets the operator know if the bed is in the right position.

If not, the light beam is RED.


VEGA casts a GREEN light beam when:

- the lying surface is completely flat

- the bed is at its minimum height

If one of these settings is not complied with, then the RED light

will be automatically activated.

POD control is much more than a simple Supervisor of bed functions and movements: it is a total monitoring system of all those bed functions that can be required by hospital nurses and healthcare operators.

Some of the most important and innovative functions are:

a) - Battery charge indicator;

b) - Indicator of hand control when connected to the power grid;

c) - Indicators for maintenance needs;

d) - Safety nightlight indicator when RED/GREEN light is on;

e) - Indicator of locked functions;

f) - Alarm when patient gets out of the bed unattended;

g) - Scale management;

- activation of foot controls locking

- memorization of lying surfaces positions

- activation of emergency Trendelenburg

- activation of backrest quick release for CPR

h) - Indicator of incline degrees of each section.

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