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Economic but precise and accurate skinfold caliper for professional use, made in Italy. Measures the thickness of skin folds over the body, based on the characteristics developed by Tanner and Whitehouse:

- pressure on the fold: approx 10 g/mm2

- contact surface on the fold: approx 6 x 11 mm

This device allows a correct evaluation of the nutritional status and the sectoral distribution of adipose tissue. Raises a fold of skin with your fingers and measures its thickness by the forceps:on the top edge a scale in millimeters and an arrow measures the skin fold (triceps, subscapular muscles, etc...) with an accuracy of about ½ mm. The coloured bands placed near the scale allow a simultaneous comparison of the measured value with referential percentages related to men and women. This information is included in the manual provided with the unit and facilitate the interpretation of the values.

Adviced in dietetics, cardiology, sports medicine, aesthetic medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, ecc...

Multilanguage manual: GB, FR, IT, DE, ES, GR.

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