Gauze Swabs with X-ray

Price: €2.50 - €20.00

gauze swabs with X-ray, non-sterile

Indication:after sterilization general dressing of wounds in outpatient conditions, in OR and hospital wards

after sterilization - as an invasive material used intraoperatively to absorb blood and body fluids from surgical wounds


made of hydrophilic cotton gauze bleached with the use of hydrogen peroxide (without chlorine)

edges double folded into so-called ”S” folding, so no loose threads stick out

with a sewed in X-ray detectable thread, which enables fast and non-invasive identification of the swab left in the operating field

can be sterilized with steam, ethylene oxide or gamma radiation

Ideal for wound dressing, general cleaning, and minor prepping.

 • X-RAY delectable.

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