Hospital Bedside table

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The bedside table consists of a lower door, a central storage unit and an upper drawer.

This line of bedside tables has been studied for patient care and for medical staff practical use and accessibility in any situation.

The bedside tables are characterized by a simple and ergonomic design to make maintenance operations easier and to ensure a long operational life.

The structure is made of steel sheet, thickness 1 mm, varnished with epoxy powders, with reinforced parts, which, thanks to their chemical features, ensure resistance to corrosive agents.

The four corners have profiles made of extruded aluminium, shockproof and smoothed to avoid accidental situations.

The upper top is made of printed thermoformed ABS, shockproof and equipped with perimetrical edges to contain liquids.

The frontals of the drawer and the door are made of uniform wood panels, thickness 20 mm, covered with plastic laminate on all surfaces, thickness 0.9 mm. The frontals edges of drawer and door are made of ABS, thickness 3 mm, a strong and polished material.

The inner metal structure of the drawer is equipped with a thermoformed ABS tray, unthreading and washable, with inner sides 8 cm high.

The frontals are provided with shockproof handles, completely smoothed, and hinges with maximum opening to 110°.

The bedside table is equipped with external bottle holder made of printed ABS and invisible towel support. At the base four twin castors, diameter 50 mm, and holed bottom for airing. 

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