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Rigid orthosis, designed in anodized duralumin, to maintain the spine

in hyperextension, limiting the anteroposterior and lateral movements. 

Continuous adjustment of the lateral and sternal plates (width and

height), for a better fitting. These plates are padded to provide greater

comfort to the patient. 

Tilted sternal plate for a better adjustment.

Straighter sidebands improving its adjustment and comfort.

All the screws include a plastic washer to provide more safety.

Improvements on closure and belt: 

• Closing system of open ring and plastic structure. 

• System of pulleys reducing efforts of the patient at closure.

• Anti-swivel device of the belt for an easier assembly and fitting.

• Closure spring to make it more secure.

• Rope on the plastic buckle of the strap to make easier its handling

by the patient.

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