JIVE UP Standing Wheelchair

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The standing wheelchair to elevate your experience.

Discover the next evolution of the JIVE powered wheelchair family - the JIVE UP standing wheelchair. Combining the indoor agility and outdoor high performance of the JIVE-M with a multi-functional seat, you‘re now able to enjoy both seated and standing positions from the comfort of your JIVE UP. With a simple touch of a button, be eye-to-eye with the world around you and enjoy all of the benefits of a standing wheelchair - combined with the freedom and independence that only the JIVE UP can provide. Stand up for the life you want to live with the JIVE UP.

Any seat position is possible!

With the JIVE UP, any seating position is easily achievable with a simple press of a button using the seat function switch box. Fully stand-up (1) or easily transfer (2) in and out of the seat with the help of the forward tilt angle. Relax (3) with the recline, tilt and legs up position. Lie down (4) into a straight horizontal position or default back to your desired sitting (5) position (that's freely programmable to your needs). 

Seat Width: 40 - 50 cm

Seat Depth: 40 - 52 cm

Overall Width: 63 cm

Speed: 6, 10 and 13 kph

Battery Size: 60 and 70 Ah

Max. Range: 32 km (40 km with 70 Ah batteries)

Seat Tilt: 0 - 22 Degrees

Back Recline: 90 - 175 Degrees

Turning Radius: 91 cm (maximum)

Max Kerb Climb: 10 cm

Max. User Weight: 120 kg

Colours: Red, Blue & White

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