Lepu Infrared Thermometer LFR30B

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The Lepu Infrared Thermometer is an easy to use, digital thermometer to measure the temperature of people, fluids or other surfaces, from a superior distance of up to 5 cm.

Equipped with innovative German sensor technology, the Lepu infrared thermometer provides an accurate reading in just a second, while advanced infrared technology will give you the best measurement distance with the help of a blue dot.

The device changes screen colours as per temperature (green for safe, orange and red for elevated temperature and fever). This will give an immediate indication of possible virus infection, such as the current SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Infrared non-contact technology allows for aiming at the forehead without having to touch it, thus ensuring safe and reliable thermal screening. Due to the non-contact mode, risk of cross-infection is low. This makes the Lepu Infrared Thermometer a very useful instrument for measuring body temperature of employees, visitors and vulnerable people.

The thermometer operates with just one button and automatically displays the last measured temperature. In addition, a memory button offers data from previous measurements. The thermometer has a pure copper probe and does not need any probe covers.

Non-contact-Blue light calibration technology for high efficiency

Digitally measures ear, forehead, fluids and room temperature

Accurate reading in just 1 second-Measuring distance: 0cm-5cm

Easy to use, operates with one button only-Automatically displays the last temperature

3 screen colour backlights to indicate temperature range-Fever alert

How to use the Lepu Infrared Thermometer?

Install the battery after opening the package

Make sure the measurement mode on the side of the thermometer is switched to human body mode

Aim the thermometer at the middle of the eyebrows, maintaining measurement distance within 5 cm from the eyebrows

Press the start button-A beep will indicate when the thermometer is ready

Press the start button again-The measured temperature will be displayed on the screen in about 1 second

How to determine the best measurement distance?

The Lepu Infrared thermometer has a special BlueQ option. You have mastered the best measurement distance when the blue light of the thermometer converges to the size of a pea on the measurement area.

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