Marsden M-125 Column Scale

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What is the M-125?

The Marsden M-125 is an entry level Class III Approved column scale. It features a completely redesigned, easy to use indicator, a 250kg capacity and weight readings to the nearest 100g. The scale can be used to calculate BMI and BSA.

What is BSA?

BSA, or Body Surface Area, is the calculated surface area of the human body. BSA is commonly used by NHS DEXA scanners to help calculate body composition and dosages for anti-cancer agents. In fact, it is an important way to calculate dosages for many medicines.

BSA is often recommended as the principal basis for drug dosage as the rate of metabolism or redistribution of a drug is proportional to metabolic rate, which in turn reflects heat losses, which as for any warm object, are generally proportional to surface area.

There are many different formulas used to calculate BSA, but DuBois, the most popular and believed to be the most accurate, is the formula used by this scale.

We believe Marsden is the first digital weighing scales manufacturer in the world to include a BSA calculation function on a weighing scale. You can read more about BSA here.

Why would I need to use a Class III Approved scale?

The NAWI directive states that all scales ‘used in the determination of mass in the practice of medicine for the purpose of monitoring, diagnosis and medical treatment’ must be Class III Approved. Class III Approved scales are used by hospitals, GP surgeries, clinics and pharmacies.

Every Class III Approved scale is built, tested, verified and calibrated to meet a specific standard. Class III Approved medical scales undergo far more testing (by a notified EU body) than non approved scales, providing assurance to the user that they are accurate, reliable and provide repeatable results - essential for medical weighing.

Who uses the M-125?

As Marsden’s most affordable column scale, the M-125 is ideal for GP surgeries, health centres and clinics. The BSA can benefit renal, oncology and other areas where an clear BMI, BSA and weight information is needed. Outpatient departments can benefit from the large display and 250kg capacity.

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