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MultiCare®: Unique diagnostic device for self-check of glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides Multi-parameter technology allows to measure, with the same reflectometer, different parameters by simply changing type of strips: a chip in each pack of strips is specific for each analysis.

Regular measuring of these three parameters is important to prevent cardiovascular pathologies if we consider that intolerance to glucose, hyper-cholesterolemia and hyper-triglyceridemia are three of the main cardiovascular risk factors, along with age, obesity, lifestyle, smoking and arterial hypertension. 100% italian technology.

Technical Specifications

• Measuring range: - glucose: 25-500mg/dl (1.3-28 mmol/l) - triglycerides 50-500 mg/dL (0.5-5.6 mmol/l) - cholesterol 130-400 mg/dL (3.3-10.2 mmol/l) • Memory: 255 test results with date and time • Size: 48 x 104 x 20.5 mm • Weight: 65 g • Batteries: 2 batteries

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