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Shock-absorbing insoles Anatomically shaped Very high quality silicon that provides shock absorption and even distribution of pressure Blue, flexible, anatomically-shaped inserts in the area of the heel and metatarsals Cambrelle/Amicor® antibacterial surface guaranteeing hygienic freshness

Width at heel – 8mm

Product sizes correspond to shoe sizes

Using Pedi Pro silicon heel inserts or insoles provide an ideal solution to ensure even distribution of pressure: the shock-absorbing properties of silicon allows you to reduce the shocks and microtraumas inflicted on your body. Indications:

• Sensitive feet. • Heel spurs. • Pain and rheumatism (ankle, knee, hip, back). • Relief for ligaments and tendons (tendonitis, etc). • Metatarsalgia. • Bursitis. • Plantar fasciitis. Insertion: - Place the insoles labeled “Right” and “Left” in the appropriate shoe so that the insole covers that of the shoe. - If the insoles are too big, trim the front of the insole, using scissors: there are marks provided for this purpose.

Size 1 37-39

size 2 40-41

Size 3 42-43

size 4 44-46

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